Ontario Walleye Fishing - Canyon Lake

Walleye are considered by many to be the best tasting fish in the world. Fisherpersons come from all over North America to Canyon Lake to fish for Walleye because our Walleyes have beautiful white meat and cook up nice and fluffy. The cool crystal clean water of Canyon Lake makes our Walleyes the best tasting anywhere. Our Walleyes are also scrappers with many giving up fights that will surprise you. It's not uncommon for guests to think they have a small Muskie on the line and have it turn out to be a big Walleye.

Walleyes in Canyon Lake are common in the 1.5-pound range, which is the perfect eating size. Many 10-pound plus trophy Walleyes are caught and released all summer long.

Canyon Lake is a fertile lake with a good forage base of feeder fish. This not only produces a high population of Walleyes but big ones. The structure of the lake is a typical Canadian Shield lake with rocky points, sunken shoals, deep weed beds and drop-offs. Finding Walleyes on Canyon Lake is easy, which makes for a fun-filled day of fishing.

We also have Walleye outpost lakes with excellent fishing. We keep boats on these lakes and they are easily accessible via ATV or 4wd truck.

We have guided adventure trips to our outpost lakes, which includes a shore lunch of fresh caught fish, potatoes, corn, beans and our famous Bannock.

Tackle Suggestions:

Rod: Ultra-light to light action.

Line: 4 to 8 pound test.

Lures: Minnows, Leaches, 1/8 to 1/4 oz jig heads, twister tails, Rapalas, Thundersticks & Wally Divers

Colors: Fire Tiger, white, yellow, black, worm colour, copper, silver

Leaders: It's best not to use leaders unless you are in an area with lots of Pike.


· Open Season: Jan. 1 to April 14 & 3rd Sat. May to Dec. 31
· Size Restrictions: Only one greater then 18.1 inches
· Limit - Sport License: Four in one day
· Limit - Conservation License: Two in one day

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