Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Canyon Lake

Smallmouth Bass are legendary for their fight and their acrobatic display. You know when you have a Smallmouth Bass on the line.

Canyon Lake is a typical Canadian Shield lake. It has rocky points, rocky shoreline, sunken shoals and islands, which are perfect habitats to grow big trophy Smallmouth Bass. Most bass caught are in the 1 to 3-pound range but trophy Smallmouth Bass exceeding 6 pounds are caught and released all summer. A Smallmouth Bass over 6 pounds is rare in any lake but we have them. Generally, the biggest Bronzebacks caught by guests are in the 4 to 6-pound range, which is still a spectacular fish.

Smallmouth Bass in our cool crystal clean Canyon Lake taste great. Our bass do not have the parasites that bass in southern waters have so they are great for eating. A popular way to cook bass is to deep-fry the filets in oil with a Japanese Tempura batter. They come out light and fluffy with a crispy coating. There is nothing like relaxing on the shore of a Northern Ontario lake and having a Smallmouth Bass shore lunch.

Tackle Suggestions:

Rod: Ultra-light to light action

Line: 6 to 8 pound test.

Lures: Worms, minnows, leaches, crayfish, Hula Poppers, Jitter Bugs, rubber worm, Wally Divers, Flatfish, Tube Jigs

Colors: Natural worm or crayfish color, neon pink or neon green, dark green & white.

Leaders: Try not to use steel leaders unless there are a lot of Pike around.


· Season: Open all year
· Size Restrictions / Limit - Sport License: Dec 1 to June 30, Two in one day less than 13.8 inches. July 1 to Nov. 30, 4 in one day with no size limit.
· Size Restrictions / Limit - Conservation License: Dec 1 to June 30, one in one day less than 13.8 inches. July 1 to Nov. 30, 2 in one day with no size limit.

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