Ontario Perch Fishing - Canyon Lake

Perch in Canyon Lake are what many people call Jumbo Perch. In some spots on our lake, guests are pulling out Perch, which are the size of small Walleyes. Not all Perch caught are big Jumbo Perch but we have them and since you are allowed to keep between 25 and 50 Perch, it's a great way to bring a mess of fish home for the big fish fry.

The Perch in Canyon Lake taste great. Their meat is white and firm. They are much better for eating then the big Perch you get out of the bigger deepwater lakes that are better known for Perch fishing.

We also have a trophy Jumbo Perch outpost lake. The Perch are the biggest Perch you will ever see. Our guests catch lots of Perch in sizes up to a pound with even some trophies in the 1 1/4 pound range. We keep boats on these lakes and they are easily accessible via ATV or 4wd truck.

We have guided adventure trips to our outpost lakes, which includes a shore lunch of fresh caught fish, potatoes, corn, beans and our famous Bannock.

Tackle Suggestions:

Rod: Ultra-light

Line: 4 to 6 pound test.

Lures: Minnows, Dew Worms, leaches, grubs, tiny jigs, tiny Rapalas

Colors: Black & Silver, Brown & Silver, worm color


· Open Season: Open all year
· Limit - Sport License: Fifty in one day
· Limit - Conservation License: Twenty Five in one day

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