Ontario Northern Pike Fishing - Backcountry Lakes

We do not have Northern Pike in Canyon Lake. Muskie are the main predators, which has made it impossible for Northern Pike to flourish like our other outpost lakes that are close to our lodge.

Our outpost lakes, with their high population of Walleyes and other feeder fish, are the perfect environments for Northern Pike to grow big. Northern Pike come in all sizes from 3-pound hammer handles, which are great for eating, to big 20-pound plus trophy fish. We keep boats at these lakes and they are easily accessible via ATV or 4wd trucks.

The crystal clean waters of our outpost lakes make our Northern Pike taste great. 2 to 4-pound Northern Pike taste very much like Walleye. You have to eat them fresh as Northern Pike meat does not freeze well like Walleye. These lakes have excellent Northern Pike fishing with their many weedy bays, rocky points and deep drop-offs. Usually where you find Walleyes, you will find big Northerns feeding on them. You will also find big trophy Northern Pike patrolling the shoreline while protecting their territory. These are the monsters that are the most aggressive and will attack anything that moves.

We have guided adventure trips to our outpost lakes, which includes a shore lunch of fresh caught fish, potatoes, corn, beans and our famous Bannock.

Tackle Suggestions:

Rod: Medium fresh water action.

Line: 8 to 12 pound test.

Lures: Big Minnows, Leaches, DareDevils, Muskie Killers, spinner baits, pike flies, shallow rattle baits, Spooks and other top water baits.

Colors: Red & White, Yellow five-of-diamonds, Fire Tiger, plain white, Black & White.

Leaders: Black steal 30 pound test.


· Open Season: Open all year
· Size Restrictions: Must be between 27.5 and 35.4 inches. Only one greater then 35.4 inches.
· Limit - Sport License: Four in one day
· Limit - Conservation License: Two in one day

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