Canyon Lake Muskie Fishing - Ontario


Fisherpersons come to Northwestern Ontario from all over North America to experience the best Muskie fishing in the world. Northwestern Ontario is famous for monster trophy Muskie and Canyon Lake is no exception.

Muskie are well known for being one of the most ferocious and hardest fighting fresh water sports fish. Guests who fish specifically for Muskie in Canyon Lake have a high success rate. Other guests catch Muskie while fishing for Smallmouth Bass and Walleye. Even if you come for the great bass and Walleye fishing, you may get a big surprise on your line.

Muskie fishing is spectacular from June to October. Our guests commonly catch Muskie in the 20 to 30-pound range. There has been some outstanding trophy Muskie in the 50-pound range pulled out of our lake. Even though you have the chance to pull the fish of your dreams out of Canyon Lake, Muskie that size are rare.

We also have an excellent Muskie outpost lake. The Muskie are smaller then Canyon Lake but there are lots of them and it's a great way for kids to experience their first Muskie fishing. We keep boats on these lakes and they are easily accessible via ATV or 4wd truck.

Tackle Suggestions:

Rod: Medium to heavy-medium fresh water action.

Line: 10 to 17 pound test.

Lures: Crankbaits, Swim Wiz, big Jointed Rapalas, #5 Muskie Killer, big Husky Jerks, Spinner baits and top water lures.

Colors: Fire Tiger, red, chartreuse, brown (walleye color) , red & white, perch color, Black & White

Leaders: Black steel 30 pound test.


· Open Season: 3rd Sat. in June to Dec. 15
· Size Restrictions: Minimum length of 40 inches
· Limit - Sport License: One in one day
· Limit - Conservation License: Zero in one day. If you catch a Muskie, it has to be released right away.

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