Map of Canyon Lake

Surface Area: 22.52 miles or 14,080 acres
Max Depth: 97.6 feet
Length: 15.3 miles
Width: 5.5 miles
Shoreline: 64.2 miles
Average Water clarity: 13.2 feet (clearer in spring)
Elevation: 1247 feet above sea level
Coordinates: 4958'46"N - 9336'39"W
Waterflow: 35 gallons per second (summer) to 900 gallons per second (spring)
Gamefish Main Lake: Muskie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Whitefish
Gamefish Local Backcountry Lakes: Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Crappie
Course & Baitfish: Rock Bass, White Sucker, Cisco (Lake Herring), Emerald Shiner, Spottail Shiner, Trout-perch

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Satellite view of Canyon Lake (Google Maps)

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