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Muskie Our lodge is located on gorgeous Canyon Lake and in the heart of one of the most spectacular wilderness regions of Northwestern Ontario. The scenery is breathtaking; adding to the overall enjoyment of your wilderness vacation. The shores of Canyon Lake exhibit magnificent rock structures, all framed by towering pine trees, with an abundance of wildlife that rivals any other location in Ontario. We are located 30 miles north of the tiny village of Vermilion Bay and the Trans Canada highway, which heads into Manitoba.

Canyon Lake Fishing:

Canyon Lake has fantastic fishing for Walleye, Musky, Smallmouth Bass and Perch. Our claim to fame is the outstanding Walleye and Musky fishing. Walleye can be caught in good numbers with plenty of good-eating size Walleye as well as large trophy Walleye over 10 pounds. Canyon Lake is best known for its Musky fishing with many 20 to 30-pound trophy Musky being caught and released all season. We have had a few Musky close to the 50-pound mark caught and released but Musky that big are rare anywhere. Generally the Musky are most common in the 30" to 45" range and are caught in good numbers. Smallmouth Bass are not the dominant species in the lake but our guests that target bass have a lot of fun. The structure of Canyon Lake is perfect for Smallmouth Bass with a rugged rocky shoreline and structure. Smallmouth Bass can be caught in good numbers with 17" to 22" bass being common. In the back weedy bays there is an abundance of Perch, which can reach good sizes and taste fantastic.

Backcountry Lakes:

We have boat caches or can bring boats to trophy backcountry fishing lakes that are stuffed with Lake Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappie and Jumbo Perch. The stars of the show are the Lake Trout lakes. Lake Trout are so abundant that they are easy to catch any time of year using multiple techniques. Some of the best Lake Trout fishing is through the ice. Ice fishing for Lake Trout is an extremely popular activity during the winter months. They are most common in the 2-4 pound range but guests do catch monsters from time to time. These Lake Trout fishing lakes produce Lake Trout up to 30 pounds. There are lakes that produce high numbers of good-eating size Walleyes and while fishing for Walleye guests run into some big Northern Pike.

Big Game & Small Game Hunting:

Our region has excellent hunting for Black Bear, Moose, Whitetail Deer and combined Grouse, Duck and Goose. All our hunts take place in remote areas, which can only be accessed via old abandoned logging roads, ATV trails and game trails. Black Bear hunting is exceptional with Black Bears being harvested up to the 350 pound mark, with a few in recent years, in the area, pushing the 425 pound mark. Black Bear hunting is a long standing family tradition. We use our experience and techniques to ensure a high success rate for our bear hunting guests. Northwestern Ontario is famous for its huge Whitetail bucks. It is true that in 2011 and 2012 the winters were harsh and it compromised the deer herds but the Whitetail Deer population has bounced back and once again we see the giant bucks in our WMUs. The forest is inundated with grouse. There are many ATV paths and trails where you can get access to awesome grouse hunting. Our lake is located right in the middle of the Mississippi Flyway. Hoards of ducks and geese stop off to rest and feed on their way south. This hunting is best combined with Grouse hunting as it is too hard to plan when they will do their migration through this area. This makes for an exciting fall duck hunting or goose hunting vacation.


If fishing or hunting is not your main vacation focus, we are also a winter and summer resort offering many activities for the whole family. Summer activities include canoeing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, ATVing or just relax by the lake with a good book. Winter activities include snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sled rides and wildlife viewing as well as local attractions. There is always a lot or things to do at North Country Lodge.


We have seven comfortable lakefront cabins that sleep between 2 and 11 people. The cabins are completely outfitted for housekeeping and have all the amenities you need. The main lodge has souvenirs, fishing tackle, snacks and other items for sale. The main lodge can also be used for parties, camp events, corporate meetings or just a place to relax with a cold drink and talk about the fishing while meeting other guests. North Country Lodge is a very casual and relaxing lodge with a friendly atmosphere and we try our best to make sure you and your family has a great time.

We are a small family-owned camp and due to the camp's size, we can give personalized attention to all our guests. One night a week the whole camp gets together to share some food, swap stories, play games and maybe even enjoy a few cocktails. It's a lot of fun.

If you are looking for fantasic Walleye and Musky fishing please explore our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best Regards
Lydia Robinson and Wayne Lecot

Phone: (807) 227-5245
Email: northcountrymusky@gmail.com

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