Welcome Friends


Thank you for choosing North Country Lodge for your vacation. We are glad you are here and want to offer our hospitality in any way we can.

After you have unloaded your vehicle, please make sure to park in one of our designated parking areas. Do NOT park in front of the cabins. You are welcome to park behind cabins 4, 5 and 6 along the tree line or by the garage where the extra boats are located. Please ask if you are unsure. There is a driveway that goes behind the cabins (turn off right across from the garage), please use that when possible instead of driving over the front yard.

The Lodge:
Is open all the time. If you are using the lodge to watch TV or play games, please tidy up after yourself and turn the lights off when you leave.

We carry a basic supply of tackle, bait and souvenirs. Most things in the lodge you can help yourself to and write your purchase down in the CHARGES BOOK by the main door.

We are available for bait/gas and assistance from 7:30 am to 10 pm. Someone will be in the house after hours if immediate assistance is required. Ask for Minnows, Leeches and Worms.

Ice is also available in the lodge, please use only what you need, do not waste as our little ice machine can't keep up when it is busy and have high temperatures. If you are under the Fishermans Package or BYOB package, ice is complimentary, otherwise please keep track in the Camp Charges book.

The Fish House:
Is open all the time. Please use the freezer in the Fish House to keep your fish you plan to take home. Do not freeze or keep fish in your cabin freezer.

Feel free to use the plastic bags to wrap your fish. When finished spray down the counter so it is clean for the next person.

Cushions, spare life jackets and nets can be found in the room on the other side of the Fish House.

The Yurt:
Is open all the time. There is a propane BBQ, dual burner propane cooker, picnic tables and fire pit. Ask if you need a large pot for deep frying. You are welcome to use the facilities any time, please clean up after yourself so it is clean for the next person. You may light a fire if there is no fire ban in place but please ask us first.

There is bean bag toss game, Bocce ball and Ladder Ball. Use the games whenever you like and put away in the Yurt when you are done.

Paper items (plates, boxes etc) can be burnt in your woodstove. If the weather is too hot keep it aside and we will bring it to the burn barrel.

Canadian Alcohol containers can be set aside. The liquor commission takes back Canadian containers for refund, no American beer cans/bottles etc.

Recycling - aluminum, tin, plastic (with recycle symbol) can be separated for recycling. No glass.

Water Bottles - water is available in your cabin. We encourage you to use re-usable water bottles instead of smaller plastic bottles. Throw away bottles creates a large unnecessary amount of garbage we need to handle, haul and send away to recycle.

Compost - any food items can be composted. Do not put "compostable" non-food items in compost pale with the exception of coffee filtres. Ask for compost container if interested in composting.

Other garbage - can be placed outside your cabin for pick up. Please let us know if it needs to be picked up so the skunks don't find it first.

Used Cooking Oil - Do NOT dump down sink or on grass! Please ask if you need a container for used cooking oil or set aside for us to collect at the end of the week.

Camp Supper:
Camp supper is held one night a week in the lodge or down at the yurt. It is usually on a Monday or Tuesday but may be switched or cancelled if needed. This is not part of your "package" but just a way for us all to get together and swap stories. Please check the board in the lodge for day and time. We don't ask that you bring a dish but if you would like to, we would love it! If you are not going to make it, please let us know as quickly as possible so we don't waste extra food.

Wifi is available and will reach most cabins. If your signal is not strong enough you may need to use the WIFI in the lodge.

Being out in the country, we are only able to get satellite internet. It is slower and we are limited to 40GB per month. Please make sure your automatic updates are off, you do not use Netflix or other streaming video sites or gaming sites.

Password - countrylodge01

Thank you for your co-operation and helping us to make things run smoothly! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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