The Dryden Buck - December 23 / 2003

The Dryden Buck Score is 223 gr 199 7/8 net green score (Ontario Record). A scan of the Boone & Crockett Score Report for the Dryden Buck is below.

The buck you see was shot illegally in Dryden, Ontario. Even though it was taken illegally, the whitetail itself can still be entered into the Boone-Crockett record books as taken by an unknown hunter. The deer gets the glory, the poacher gets nothing. It is an Ontario record.

By Ontario law, firearms must be unloaded and encased after legal shooting hours (1/2 hour after official sun down. There is no need for trigger locks if the firearm is in immediate possession of the hunter. The hunter that took this beautiful buck was chasing him for hours and decided to keep up the hunt. He took the deer 1/2 hour after the legal cut-off time for hunting and on private property. The worse thing is the poacher abandoned the deer to rot. Other hunters reported someone shooting a gun after dark and the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) went looking for him.

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